Colonial Tuckpointing Services


Modern Tuckpointing is a method of creating an illusion of gauged brickwork to handmade or irregular shaped bricks. Red mortar of a similar colour is smoothed and feathered in over the existing mortar joint, this also covers any imperfections in the brick. A light stain wash is applied over the top of the red cement stopping. The wall is then marked out and taped. A thin pinstripe line applied over the red cement stopping completing the Tuckpointing process. Image Link

Rendered Tuckpointing

This is a method used when the face of the brickwork is beyond repair, or if bricks of a different colour have been used. A red cement render coat is applied over surface of the brickwork and the brick bond is re-marked. The Tuckpointing procedure is then applied as the same method above. Image Link

Brick Mortar Repointing

Mortar Falling Out? BrickĀ  repointing requires the existing mortar joints that have deteriorated to be cut out to a predetermined depth and removing any loose debris. New mortar with similar colour match is then re-injected back into the joint, whilst the mortar is still soft the joint is re-tooled to a new profile or match an existing finish of the brickwork. The brick face is then cleaned removing any cement stains. Image Link

Limestone Render and Repointing

Limestone walls can be restored by either refacing the existing surface, applying a lime wash, or completely rendering over the top creating a false limestone look with a similar effect to the original limestone being repaired. The mortar joints between the limestone can be filled with a similar coloured cement. The joints can then be either raked, sponged or flush finish, the joints can also be grooved or even Tuckpointed, usually with a black pinstripe line. Image Link

Rising Damp Cured

In areas where moisture from ground level (usually garden beds) can move vertically up into the wall can cause external mortar and brickwork to prematurely deteriorate. If the wall has a cavity that has been breached by rubble and cement dust this can also cause damp problems with the internal wall also.
We damp-proof by removing the outer bottom course and cleaning the cavity as we go and install an Alcore membrane. The bricks are then relayed and repointed or Tuckpointed. Image Link

Stucco Renders

Stucco is a decorative roughcast render usually applied with Tyrolean gun or by hand. The most common areas that have this decorative render are gable ends pier bases and sometimes the top third of a house wall where Tuckpointing continues below. The texture can be varied by using a combination of technique and type of product used. Image Link

Decorative Window Sills and Aprons

Decorative window sill provided by us are constructed on site using the traditional method of solid brick and cement render using a running mold. There are cheaper alternatives using pre-made sills that are cement with reinforced fiber encasing a polystyrene inner core. Solid cement window sill and apron profiles can be custom made or can be matched to suit your existing profile. Image Link